Meet the family with a gorgeous smile: Dr Mawarni

Tini had emailed me a few weeks ago requesting for an opinion regarding her teeth.

She was asking me a favour to beautify her smile since she was going to meet her husband’s big family in India very soon.

She planned to come all the way from Johor Bahru as her good friend recommended to see me.

So, she shared her teeth photos via email and requested for an estimation of treatment plan and costs.

I was flattered for a while for the referral by our previous patient.

At the same time, I could feel the heavy responsibility on my shoulder.

Of course I need to deliver excellent job to live up to her expectations.

She came from Johor Bahru by bus with her husband. I just got to know that they were newlywed couple. They really looked sweet together!

We did not have much discussion about the treatment plan as I already expected that she needed composite veneers to close her gaps. It was just a matter of counting how many teeth involved.

Before treatment. She was unhappy with the gaps and her uneven smile

I did a thorough scaling & polishing for her followed by 4 simple composite veneers.

In about 90 minutes, she got her brand new smile! She was ecstatic with the result and so do I! =)

After treatment. No more gaps and even smile =)

She promised to come back to close her lower gaps.

Time was our greatest enemy. She needed to rush back to Johor Bahru for other plans.

 She was satisfied because the upper gaps was her main concern compared to the lower.

This is because the upper gaps were more visible when she smiled.

Till we meet again Tini! May you have a smooth sailing journey meeting your new family.

Meanwhile, flaunt your beautiful smile as much as you can!

You deserve to be proud of yourself and happy!

~If you have enquiries about any dental treatment, do email me at I am more than pleased to attend to your needs.


Dr. Mawarni

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