Masking the impossible! Dr. Dini

I believe, one look at this picture, most of you would assume braces or orthodontic treatment is the only treatment for this patient. I couldn’t agree more. Ideally, this is the best treatment for her.

However, sometimes there are patients who are not willing to undergo the long procedure of braces. The most common reason I heard from them is the length of time of the treatment. As a practitioner, I have to respect that. I have to respect their needs and wishes, although having already given my professional advice.

This is the case of Nate. She came to see me a year ago, for consultation. I remember during that time, I advised her that ideally, braces would give her the best result that she wanted. I also suggested 3 unit composite veneers but I emphasized to her that the result won’t be as good as doing orthodontic treatment. However, at the end of the treatment, she said she will discussed all the treatment options I laid out for her with her parents. She promised to contact us soon, once decided what treatment she would chose.

A year has passed and I saw Nate again a week ago. She requested to do veneers. She told me, that she is about to go for a job interview and having metal brackets on her teeth will make her uncomfortable and she was afraid that it will affect her self confidence.

I understand her feelings and happily fulfilled her wish, though still firm with my advice of braces in the future to properly align the teeth. In less than an hour, I handed her a mirror for her to see the end result.

Taadaa!!!! Nate’s brand new smile.

Masking the highly erupted tooth by elongating it with composite veneers gave her an impression of having better aligned teeth, don’t you think so? She was all smiling ear to ear when she saw her own reflection in the mirror!

Before we bade good bye, I wished her all the best for her upcoming interview. She couldn’t stop smiling and thanking me. Good luck Nate!!!

So, It’s Ramadhan month and Syawal is coming soon. Would you like to flaunt your dream smile during this festive season? Or do you know anyone who wants to have a better smile? Drop me an email at and I will gladly help you and them.


Dr. Dini.

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