Are You Ready For Raya – Dr Gan

Hari Raya Aidilfitri is just around the corner, have you started preparing for the celebration?

While busy shopping for the new clothes and new shoes, do not forget to check if your smile is ready for it.

Zaid is very conscious about his smile. His biggest concern was the mismatch fillings of his two central incisors. The fillings appeared too black and affected his charming smile. Other than that, the left lateral incisor was too small and caused a small gap with the tooth in front of it.

During the discussion of his treatment plan, he also raised his concern that he would like to get a brightened smile.

With the few concerns in mind, I proposed to him to do teeth whitening and four composite veneers to improve the condition.

It was a Saturday; we spent almost 3 hours to get everything done, including scaling, teeth whitening and 4 composite veneers.

I am grateful that Zaid felt happy with his makeover. I am grateful that his wife took care of their kid at home so that Zaid had time for his dental treatment. I am grateful that my supporting staffs were there to help despite we worked overtime. I am also grateful that my husband patiently waiting for me at home. (At first, he thought I was in a car accident since I was late for an hour)

If you would like to have a beautiful smile for Raya, wait no more and contact us at 03-6206 3068 or write me an email at I will be happy to craft your smile for your Raya.  =)

Thank you.

Dr Gwen Gan

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