The Excitement For A New Smile – Dr Tan Swee Ling

Everyone would like to have everything perfect in life, be it in career, health, or physical appearance. Teeth are no exception too. Everyone wishes to have that perfectly shaped, perfectly arranged & perfectly white set of pearly whites.

However, for some, that is not the case. Some are just genetically prone to have unhealthy gums, leading to gum disease. Swollen and bleeding gums are early signs that your gums are infected with bacteria. If nothing is done, the infection can spread and destroy the structures that support your teeth in your jawbone. Eventually, your teeth can become so loose that they have to be extracted.

Did you know?
There are studies that show possible connections between gum disease and:

  • Atherosclerosis and heart disease — Gum disease may increase the risk of clogged arteries and heart disease, although the extent of this connection is unclear. Gum disease also is believed to worsen existing heart disease.
  • Stroke — Gum disease may increase the risk of the type of stroke that is caused by blocked arteries.
  • Diabetes — People with diabetes and periodontal disease may be more likely to have trouble controlling their blood sugar than diabetics with healthy gums.
  • Respiratory disease—Gum disease may cause lung infections and worsen existing lung conditions when bacteria from the mouth reach the lungs.

I cannot stress enough the importance of awareness of gum health. It saddened me tremendously when this young man was presented to me, with almost all his teeth shaking in various degrees, knowing that there was nothing else I could have done at that point, but to extract.

He had a very cheerful personality and a positive attitude, he knew very well that at the end, all his teeth will have to be removed and to be replaced with a denture. In fact, he was very excited to have most of his teeth removed, he even rushed me to have it done soon! I have to say, I was very surprise by this, but at the same time, I was glad to have met such an understanding patient.

Third visit
Mr Nick and I, before teeth extractions.

We had a long thorough treatment plan discussion on his first and second visit before decisions were made. He agreed to receive our Emundo PDT with Laser to improve the condition of his gums on the second visit before having multiple teeth extracted and immediate denture issued on the third.
He was so excited on his third visit, he could not wait to have his upper front teeth replaced.

After teeth extractions, with an immediate denture.

Because this was an immediate denture, the fit was not perfect. It was mainly to temporarily mask the multiple missing upper front teeth. Mr Nick understood the complications and was extremely patient with the state of the denture. Nonetheless, he was very pleased with his appearance with the denture on.

He came back in a week later and had the fit of the denture adjusted. I have explained that this is not the end of his treatment journey, this is only the beginning. Mr Nick fully understands and is very hopeful for the journey to come.

I shall end this post with a gentle reminder:
Please have your teeth regularly checked twice a year to avoid the tragedy that has happened to Mr Nick.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at

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