Giving back Adam’s smile: Dr Nik

Do you remember things that you do when you were young children?

I do. I remember having wonderful sweet childhood time and most of those wonderful time was playing with my neighbourhood friends (they were also my schoolmates as all of us went to same school!). We played all sorts of games, from old folks games to modern games. We also cycled
and even had our own competition to see who cycled the fastest!. Not just that, exploring our neighbourhood area was also an exciting experience for us. I once explored the swamp area near our house with my friends and now that I’ve grown up I realized that the activity was quite dangerous as the area was a breeding place for pythons!

I guess, when we are children, we seldom think of the future or the after effect of everything we do. This innocence leaves us free to enjoy ourselves and explore the world around us. I was lucky that nothing bad happened to me that day but sometimes bad things or accident can happened, like what happened to my young patient recently.

Adam, an 11 year old boy was having a great time cycling fast with his friends when he met an accident. He lost control of his bicycle and fell down flat on his face. He got bruises and cuts on his chin, nose and elbow and fractured two of his upper front teeth!

Luckily the teeth can still be saved. After explaining in detail to his mother about my treatment plan for Adam and what possible things that can happened to the teeth in future due to the trauma, I proceed with the treatment. I did composite fillings on both teeth and Adam finally had his smile back.

It was a very straight forward procedure but gave a huge impact on him. He refused to go to school before the treatment but now is willing and ready to be back in school.

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