That Annoying Gap – Dr. Adyan

“Doctor, this gap is so annoying!”

My beautiful patient pointed to the obvious gap between her two front teeth, while frustration was evident in her visage.

She has this beautiful set of teeth but the gap between her front teeth ruined her smile. She also noticed that one of the tooth was chipped off.

Everytime she smiled her colleagues would tell her that she has a gap at the center of her smile. Therefore she sought a quick way to close the annoying gap.

In less than an hour, cosmetic fillings were done to close the gap while maintaining the natural look of the teeth.

Could you even tell that she had any treatments done on her front teeth?

Dentistry is amazing, isn’t it? 🙂

She was delighted to see her gap-free smile! Now she won’t have to worry about other people staring at the gap when she talks and smiles.

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Lots of love,
Dr. Adyan

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