Boosting confidence through smile: Dr Mawarni

Miss C emailed me recently enquiring about placement of veneers. She came across a blog about my recent case which was Emi who travelled from Sabah to do veneers with us as well.

She found that she shared the common problem with Emi which was staining at the front teeth.

Miss C had been resisting to laugh out loud in front of others for a long time. She was very conscious with her smile. This problem had been bothering her and of course affected her confidence.

As a medical-doctor-to-be, she needs to be friendly with people around her and smiles a lot. Making people psychologically happy, is part of healing too!

When I see her in person, she had a condition called generalized fluorosis.

Dental fluorosis is caused by a higher than normal amount of fluoride ingestion whilst teeth are forming.

Primary dentine fluorosis and enamel fluorosis can only happen during tooth formation, so fluoride exposure occurs in childhood.

“Maybe you accidentally swallow tooth paste when you were small,” I said.

Of course, she did not remember about that childhood memories.

She was especially unhappy with the brownish stain at her upper right canine and white spots at the upper central incisors.

Her smile before treatment. Her natural teeth color has many patches of white & yellow.

“I don’t want a really white smile. I prefer the natural looking smile. A smile where people do not notice I did veneers on my teeth,” she said.

“I shall do my very best to meet your expectation dear,” I said.

My challenge to do her case was mainly to match her teeth shade.

In generalized fluorosis, usually we need to do veneers from canine to canine. If we do only one or two teeth, the result will not be nice.

So, she agreed to do 6 upper composite veneers as it was still within her budget.

I took my time trying out different colours and showed to her every time I changed the teeth shade. This was done a few times, until she was happy with the result.

I am glad that she was also patient and very understanding.

Miss C was finally pleased with her brand new smile. I could see the satisfaction on her face while admiring her teeth through the big mirror.

Her smile after the treatment =)

“Thank you very much Doctor! I really appreciate your effort adjusting the veneers many times to get it right,” she said.

“No problem! As long as you are happy, I will be happy,” I said.

In doing smile makeovers for people, I encountered different ways of getting it right. Beauty is very subjective.

Every smile is unique. There is no one way fits all. I believe the dentist and patient needs to work together as a team to achieve that dream smile.

I will do my very best to make everyone comes out ecstatic with the final result as it is very fulfilling for me. =)

Her testimony =))))

Miss C dropped a long comment in our Google review page. Her testimony had really made my day. Seriously, this motivates me to work every day!

All the best in your future endeavours Miss C!! Life is short, so do create memories with lots and lots of smiles in it!

~If you are looking for a solution to improve your smiles and oral health, do email me at I would love to hear from you.

Your Passionate Dentist,

Dr. Mawarni

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