Even Dentists needs to go the Dentist, Why? – Dr Tan MH

Everyone, including dentist, needs to go for their biannual dental check up, here is why!

  • Brushing is not enough!

Statistics have shown that brushing only removes up to 50% of bacterial plaque on your teeth, together with flossing, maybe around 70%.

However, those statistics are true only if you brush for 2-whole minutes as recommended, still not taking into consideration technique!

PS: Two minutes is on average one chorus of a song

You may think that since dentists know the teeth and mouth very well so they do not need dental checks ups. That is not true because there are areas in the mouth where even dentists cannot keep clean perfectly, and this is when we need to see another dentist’s for help!

PS: Yes dentists are good spouse to keep your teeth in check but they can be boring!

  • Teeth is the one part in the body which cannot heal itself!

Almost every part of our body can heal itself when damage, but not for our teeth.

Despite being the strongest part of the body, once a hole develops on your tooth, it will only get bigger and bigger!

Unlike sharks, human beings have only one set of permanent teeth and what makes things worse is that there is no one replacement that are as good as your original teeth! Fact is, there is no technology up to this date that can replace a tooth at it is.

I don’t know about your strategy, but mine would definitely be to prevent damage and preserve my teeth!

  • Helps save money!

Yes, dental treatments are only expensive when it involves repairing and replacing teeth!

Simple preventive procedures like scaling and diagnostic checks are usually very affordable, but what is more valuable is that these simple procedures can help you reduce and, at certain extent, avoid bigger and more expensive procedures.

Affordable but how affordable? Think of your monthly internet subscription fee, think of your weekly full tank petrol commitment for your 2000cc car, think of your weekly grocery spending.

Now, how many times do you need a dental check up with scaling?

Twice in a year. That’s it!

Now that you have got your facts, do not hesitate to contact us to book a slot for your check up if you have not been visiting your dentist for more than 6 months!

Or you can contact me directly at tanminghoe@story.drfauziah.com!

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