Get Rid Of That GAP! – Dr Tan Swee Ling

Gaps between teeth no longer needs to be of concern as dental technology made available by professional care can now fix such irregularities with ease. So, with more facial aesthetics in mind, do visit us as we have the necessary tools and expertise to bring back your confidence & charm.

To illustrate our expertise in closing gaps between teeth, I would like to share my patients’ experiences with you and let’s admire how far dental technology has progressed in bringing back confident smile.

Siti Sarah has been so unhappy about the gap between her 2 front teeth for as long as she can remember. She could never laugh or smile without having her palm covering her mouth, worrying if anyone manage to catch a glimpse of that large gap.

Finally for the Raya Celebration this year, she has decided to get rid of that gap.

In less than an hour, that gap was gone. Siti Sarah was thankful that gap no longer exists. However, she still laughed with her palm covering her mouth right after the procedure, it is now a habit she can get rid off too! 😉

My next patient, Manvin. Similar presentation.

Manvin, a student who is studying abroad, has also reached out to me via email to close the gap between his two front teeth and we set an appointment for this to be done before he departs for the United States. In similar fashion as Siti’s case above, the gap between his teeth was closed in a procedure which took no longer than an hour.

Grateful at his new enhanced look, Manvin is pleased at his new smile.

In view of the above case studies, one is encouraged to visit us to explore new dental possibilities as we work together to create your desired smile and if you should have any queries about your dental conditions, please feel free to reach out to me at

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