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What is a dental crown?

A dental crown is an artificial tooth-shaped cap that covers a tooth completely in order to restore its shape, size, strength as well as to improve its appearance.

What Are They Made Of?

The most common choices of materials are:

1. Porcelain-fused-to-metal  (PFM)

PFM crowns are strong and long lasting. However, due to its metal shadow they are normally reserved for teeth that are not in esthetic zone (teeth that are seen when you smile)

2. All porcelain

This is the more favorable choice due to its tooth-like appearance. Without the metal  core, they allow for light transmission through the porcelain for better optical, life-like properties and a higher level of esthetics.

When Do I Need A Crown?

There are multiple reasons for a dentist to advice for dental crown.

The more common reasons are to restore a tooth with large cavity or a tooth that had root canal treatment done.

Here I have an example of a patient who had a discolored root canal treated tooth asking for a solution. Other than these, he was also concerned that this tooth was not straight but rotated and sticking out. Lastly, he asked if I could fix the chipped portion at the same time.

In view that he had a few concerns on one tooth, I suggested an Emax crown for him, to not only protect the root canal treated tooth, but also to make use of it to correct the shape and size and color.

Patient was really happy about the outcome as he could hardly tell a difference between his own tooth and the crowned tooth.

It had been 6 months since I gave him his dental crown, he is still happy as nobody could tell that he has an artificial tooth right in front.

Should you have a similar condition, feel free to contact me at or give us a call at 03-6206 3068 to make an appointment.

Thank you.

Dr Gwen Gan

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