Going for a Natural Look – Dr. Adyan

I had the honour of meeting this one patient of mine who came from far and across an ocean to reach our clinic.

He had his veneers done a few years ago, but he felt it didn’t look natural and the staining had become worse.

I’ve noticed the veneers as soon as he flashed a smile, it does look different from the adjacent teeth.

As I did a thorough check-up, I could understand why he felt it looked unnatural.

This was how it looked like initially.

Notice the opaque look on the four front teeth? And the difference between veneers and the teeth underneath is obvious. The teeth are naturally slightly crooked but the patient was okay with it.

The four front teeth had one layer that looked different and was stained at the edges. His teeth were originally slightly crooked and he knew that, but he wanted it to at least look natural even if slightly crooked.

So we had a discussion on what could be done, and agreed on removing the old veneers and replace it with new ones to give a more natural appearance of the four front teeth.

As I removed the old veneers, there weren’t much of the original teeth left as it was all badly decayed. I had to admit it was slightly challenging to try and save as many sound tooth structure as possible. The patient was also informed on how badly decayed his teeth were.

This was the original tooth structure left, and still some more had to be removed due to the decay. Apologies for the gadget focus error on the picture 🙂

After the new composite veneers were sculpted and polished to a shine, I gave him a mirror. He flashed a smile and was delighted to see that his teeth looked much more natural now.

Shiny and natural!

He was very patient with the procedures done and eventually left the clinic with a big smile.

I was smiling by myself when I saw how happy he was as he waved us goodbye that day.

If you think you’ve got a problem like this, or if you have any questions about your teeth, feel free to drop me an email at adyan@story.drfauziah.com.

See you soon!

Lots of love,

Dr. Adyan

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