My Tooth is Broken! – Dr. Adyan

“My tooth is broken! And I can’t go around with one tooth missing!”

This lovely patient of mine came to see me, worrying about one of her front tooth that had broken off suddenly. She was unsure of what to do about it, but she didn’t want to leave it just like that.

The broken tooth is on the right. But note that all her other teeth have defective fillings and caries that need to be fixed.

After doing a thorough examination of her oral cavity, I noted that many of her teeth had decayed and the tooth that was broken needed a root canal treatment followed by a crown with a post. There were also a few other treatment options for her, and we discussed about it before she finally made her decision.

Due to her urgency, we decided to build up the tooth with a composite veneer first so that she doesn’t walk out of the clinic with a broken tooth.

The plan for the next visit is to complete the root canal treatment followed by crown with a post.

After finishing her composite veneer on the broken tooth, I let her see her smile in the mirror. You can literally see how her face lights up when she saw she had a tooth there again!

We built up a composite veneer before she proceeds with the other treatment on the next visit. It’s more obvious now that the adjacent teeth all need a fix too.

I pointed out that all her other teeth, including the teeth next to the repaired teeth needed a fix too before they become badly decayed and broken off, and she nodded her head in agreement.

It finally made her realize that she had many decayed teeth that needed a fix but due to the time restraint she made an appointment to come back and restore all her other teeth on the next visit too. She left the clinic that day feeling happy she ‘got’ back her broken tooth in one visit.

I was delighted that not only did I manage to make her smile happily again, but also because I could make her aware of the importance of taking care of her oral health before the worst happens.

If you have any questions regarding this case, or regarding your own teeth, feel free to drop me an email at

See you soon!

Lots of love,

Dr. Adyan

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