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I was talking about a dental trauma case in my last post and here I got another dental trauma case.

Mr Nas met a motor vehicle accident last year and broke a few of his front teeth.

There was no pain, no swelling at the teeth and hence his only concern was that his smile looks awkward now. He does not dare to smile naturally anymore.

Today, he took a day off to come and seek for a solution.

Four of his upper front teeth had fractured, starting from the upper right canine to the left central incisors.

The most severely injured tooth was the right lateral incisor. It not only broke at the side but it was split into half. Yes, there was no tooth structure at the back of this tooth; it only has a thin wall there.

I suggested Mr Nas to pull the tooth out as any option to keep the tooth in situ do not have a good long term prognosis. However, Mr Nas was not ready for it and would like a temporary solution to fix only the three front teeth.

In such a case, I proposed to him that I will build up the structure along the thin tooth just to look good while he gets ready for the permanent solution. He agreed to it.

We spent a good one hour to restore his smile. I have to admit that this is not the best result due to some limitation. However, Mr Nas was really happy and can’t stop looking at his teeth when we finished his treatment and he can’t help but to keep smiling in the mirror.

I am really grateful that my job actually makes an impact to Mr Nas life. He now does not need to use his upper lip to cover his teeth while speaking or smiling. He can smile from the bottom of his heart with no fear. Sometime, in our life, we only realize how important it is when we lost it, just like Mr Nas.

Once again, love your teeth like how you love your face. It not only brings you joy of eating, but it also takes care of your smile and hence your life. Love your teeth and it will love you back.

Should you have any inquiry, feel free to write to me at

Thank you.

Dr Gwen Gan

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