Just Before the Big Day – Dr. Adyan

It’s not uncommon to get patients coming in to the clinic on a wheelchair, but this particular patient of mine was a memorable one.

As soon as he was wheeled into my room, I could guess what had happened.

His left leg was covered in a cast, some laceration marks were seen on his arms, and most importantly when he smiled to greet me, it’s clear why he came to the clinic – his front teeth were broken.

He had been in a motorvehicle accident which had caused him a broken leg and four broken front teeth.

And in addition to that, he’s getting married in a few days!

Such a strong-willed man, with all these hardships that had fallen upon him, he still managed to smile and laugh and he stayed positive throughout the whole session.

After thoroughly checking his teeth, I noted that three out of four broken teeth needed a root canal treatment. Two of the teeth had badly discoloured, indicating the teeth are ‘dying’. These teeth actually came out of the socket during the accident and was pushed back in, so the teeth arrangement was slightly crooked compared to his original teeth arrangement that he showed me in his pictures prior to the accident.

However, we didn’t have the luxury of time, so we had to discuss the urgent treatment needed to prepare him for the wedding, and he would need to come again for the other treatments later.

After careful thought, we agreed on building up the broken teeth with composite veneers first. Then later we would proceed with root canal treatments followed by crowns with post.

It was a slight challenge to mask the discoloured teeth to give a natural teeth colour, and to make the teeth arrangement look aligned.

He was very patient and relaxed throughout the procedure, and when we were finally done, he took a look at the mirror.

He was happy he could smile normally without worrying about the broken teeth. And most importantly, he can smile wide for his wedding pictures!

Whew, glad we could make him smile happily for his big day!

Have an important event coming up?

You can drop me an email at adyan@story.drfauziah.com to enhance your smile, or call us up for a consultation.

See you soon!

Lots of love,
Dr. Adyan

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