A whiter and straighter smile for Fad: Dr Mawarni

Fad wanted a whiter and straighter smile. However, she could not see herself wearing braces to achieve her dream smile. She just could not tolerate having to wear the brackets for a few years.

She had generalized yellowish teeth and a crowded upper teeth. The left lateral incisor appeared tucked in. That single tooth had bother her the most and had kept her smiling without teeth shown.

Top: Her smiles before any treatment was done.

I had made it clear to her that the most ideal treatment plan to straighten her front teeth will be orthodontic treatment. Otherwise, the teeth will not look like the Hollywood straight smile that she may dream of.

She understood my explanation and already had set her expectation lower than to have a ‘perfectly- straight-Hollywood-kinda-smile’ even before she came to our clinic.

Her teeth can look straighter by means of altering the shape and size of the teeth. This concept is called optic illusion in art. I can alter the shape of the tucked in lateral incisor and jutting out canine using a simple composite restoration.

In her case I did 2 composite veneers to correct both shape of lateral incisors and a simple composite filling to reduce the jutting out appearance of upper left canine.

Prior to the correction of her teeth, she had teeth whitening first. Just in a single visit, she managed to have her dream smile=)).

“My smile is very pretty, I am a bit conscious too smile as people might notice I did something to my teeth,” she said.

Top: Her smiles after teeth whitening and composite veneers and fillings were done

“Please don’t be shy to smile. You should flaunt your new beautiful smile confidently now.” I said.

“Sure Doctor! I will rate 10/10 for your service as an overall. Thanks so much,” she said.

Before I bid her farewell, I reminded her to come for 6 months scaling to keep her oral health in check.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to help her meet her expectations!

Do email me at mawarni@story.drfauziah.com if you have any enquiry about dental stuff. 😉

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Mawarni

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