Amir’s journey to a healthy and handsome smile: Dr Mawarni

Amir came one day complaining about loose teeth and gum problems. He was also unhappy with the alignment of his front teeth.

What drove him to come was because he was going to give a talk soon. So, he needed to be confident and have a ‘presentable’ smile.

Upon examination, I found that he had generalized chronic periodontitis (moderate to advance stage).

Chronic periodontitis is a type of gum disease. It is a slowly progressing disease and can be considered a ‘silent killer’ as it is painless. Most people do not even realize that they have this disease.

The disease had caused looseness of teeth & gum recessions especially at his front teeth. As a result, the 2 upper central incisors were jutting out and there was also gaps due to drifting of the teeth.

Amir’s smile before any treatment
Amir had gaps, drifted teeth, gum recession and looseness of his front teeth before treatment

We had a long discussion with regards to his treatment plan. The 2 front teeth were very loose. Keeping them will not improve his smile. So, we have decided to remove and replace them both.

I have listed down the options to replace the missing teeth. The safest option would be denture. Amir do not want a denture option as it is removable.

Implant is a big NO-NO in his case. This is because he does not have a sound foundation (bone and gum) to hold the implant in place.

So, we end up with a bridge option.

Amir had to undergone gum treatments and reviewed first before the final bridge is placed. This is to ensure that the teeth that will hold the bridge are stable enough and increase the bridge’s life span.

These are the procedures that he went through according to sequence:

  1. Scaling & polishing: Scaling is the most basic gum treatment. I also took the opportunity to educate him on how to improve the brushing & flossing technique to reduce the risk of further disease.
  2. Removal of the 2 jutting out teeth and replace with a beautiful temporary bridge. Amir was happy to receive the bridge immediately after the extraction. He used this bridge to give the talk.
  3. Root surface debridement (RSD): This is a type of gum treatment that is needed to improve the firmness of the gum and arrest the gum disease from progressing. This need to be reviewed and repeated when necessary.
  4. Placement of permanent bridge
  5. Review and maintenance (every 3 months)

Since Amir has higher risk of getting gum disease, he needs to be reviewed more frequent (every 3 months).

Amir’s smile after a 6 unit bridge was issued =)
He had metal ceramic bridge done. The pink porcelain colour was a bit lighter as we had limited color to match with his dark gums. Nevertheless, he was still happy as it is not visible when he smiles.

Amir now appeared more confident and handsome=).

What I respect the most about him was, his diligence in coming for the treatment.  He was very motivated to improve his condition.

“I was delighted to feel the great improvement of my gum after doing the root debridement treatment. All this while I had just scaling done and my condition didn’t improve much. I was never offered this treatment before,” he said.

I am so happy with his positive progress!

Congratulations Amir! Your perseverance has helped arrest the disease. You are indeed a winner!

If you are interested to know more about this case, please feel free to email me at I would love to hear from you =)

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