A Small Trick To Look Young – Dr Gwen Gan

Mr Samy was unhappy.

He is in his mid forties. He has a job, he has a wife, and he has a family. However, he is not happy.

He thought his wife looks much younger than him and he was not happy about it. Please do not be mistaken about it. It is not because the fact that his wife looks young, but the fact that he doesn’t look young.

 One of the things that constantly bothered him was his teeth. He thought that the gaps between his lower teeth was unsightly and was the source of his unhappiness. Sounds really serious, isn’t it?

Looking at it, I proposed to him, why not we just do a small trick and changed your life for all?

He stared at me with his big round eyes, filled with question mark ????? @.@

“Are you sure about it? ”I could tell that he doubted if what I proposed was some sorcerer’s tricks.

“Yes, I am sure about it!” I nodded my head firmly, to give him confidence that I could do it.

“Then let’s do it!”He also nodded his head.

In half an hour time, I removed the gap!

He looked into the mirror, tried very hard to find where his gaps now went.

Obviously, he could not find it.

A picture tells a thousand stories.

Enough said. Just like any fairy tale story, the prince and princess now live happily ever after.

Should you have any trouble with your teeth or smile, feel free to drop me an email at ganshouwan@story.drfauziah.com or come for an consultation. We will make a plan for you.

Have a nice day.

Dr Gwen Gan

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