Crooked Teeth No More – Dr Tan Swee Ling

In this modern era, many adults today have had Orthodontic treatment (Braces) done in their teenage years. This is why we are seeing so many men & women with nice aligned teeth!

However, if you are a little more observant, friends around you who have completed braces treatment years ago, some end up having crooked teeth now!

This is probably because they either do not have retainers, did not wear their retainers long enough, or they lost it entirely soon after receiving it.

Take Mr. J here as an example. He shared he did wear his retainers, but not long after, he lost it. His teeth was well aligned back then, hence he did not see the need to get his retainers replaced. As years gone by, he started to realise his lower front teeth moved.

The red stains is from checking the relationship between the upper and lower teeth.
Note his lower teeth are not on a same plane.

Not only his lower teeth were on a different height, they were also slightly crooked back and forth. He shared that when he smiles, only the highest tooth is seen, for that he said many of his friends and family poke fun of him from time to time. He hoped I could help him stop this once and for all.


What do you think of the current him.
Do you think I have solved the problem for him?

Give me a thumbs up if you think I did!

Email me at if you have any queries about this or anything about teeth at all.

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