Filling the gap with FRC bridge: Dr Nik

This is my latest case of fiber reinforced composite (FRC) bridge.

It was done during the recent long school holidays just before Hari Raya celebration.

The patient is a teacher who is only free to come for long treatment during school holidays. It was a good timing as she initially came in just for a normal check up and filling, early of the holidays. Realizing that she had one big gap at the center of her front teeth , I proposed several options to fill up the gap. After lengthy explanation of the options , she chose FRC bridge over denture and porcelain bridge and requested to do it before school reopens.

She came back for FRC bridge treatment a week later. The treatment took 1.5 hours to complete but it was a painless treatment so patient was very comfortable throughout the whole procedure.

Before FRC bridge
After FRC bridge

When the treatment was finally done, she took a first look at her new ‘tooth’ and was smiling happily. She thanked me for proposing the treatment, which is a fixed solution for replacing the gap and was happy that she did it…and even happier that it looks natural.

So…do you have a missing tooth that needs to be replace or a gap to fill? If so , do come over and I promise you, we’ll do our best to replace it beautifully.

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