Orthodontic Consultation – Dr. Shanaz

Everyone dreams of having their perfect smile. Some people in particular, want it more than others. And at times, your quest for that perfect smile might actually bring more benefits to you than you initially thought! Take Mr. S here for example..

Looking at smile here at a glance, you would think “Hey, he has nice teeth. Everything looks pretty straight and actually doesn’t seem as if it needs any sort of treatment.” Bur for Mr. S, he always felt like his smile was a bit too inwards.

In dental terms, we’d call that a Deep Bite. Meaning when a patient bites, his lower teeth tend to bite more on the palate area, and actually can cause a lot of problems in the future. Problems such as shaky front teeth, periodontal problems, ulcers on the palate are just a few to name.

So when Mr. S came in to have a consultation for orthodontics for his smile, I explained to him that he had this condition. That made him realise that he always had an issue about biting his palate frequently in the past. He used to develop ulcers and sometimes even have a bit of sensitivity at the back of his front teeth.

His quest to get a more even and better smile actually gave him a heads up on a problem that could be way worse than his concerns on aesthetics.

As we ended the consultation session, he thanked me for actually pointing out that he had bigger issue that could have been solved. A more concrete reason for him to YES to achieving that dream smile.

I’ll post more pictures of Mr. S’s progress with Invisalign in future posts, and hopefully we all can appreciate the beauty of orthodontics and the power of consultations.

Do email me at shanaz@story.drfauziah.com for enquiries!

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