KPF Team At MIDEC- Dr Gwen Gan

Dear beloved patients,

You probably noticed that all the dentists from our team looked like zombie with dark circles on Monday; and you wondered why.

You probably tried to make an appointment on Friday and Saturday but our clinic manager informed you that none of the dentists were available; and you wondered why.

Had all the dentists went for a vacation or what was it?

Here I am to tell you why.

Last Friday to Sunday held the biggest dental event for dentists in Malaysia, the Malaysia International Dental Exhibition and Conference (MIDEC) 2019. The annual event that if not all, at least three quarters of the whole Malaysia dentists attended.  

The Malaysia International Dental Exhibition and Conference 2019

The event is a platform for dentists to continue to learn, to seek knowledge from the best and a good place to find out the latest technology relevant to us.

Morning Lecture
More lecture

It was such wonderful event and how could we miss?

The dentists from Klinik Pergigian Fauziah went to the event as a team, with one purpose: to bring the best treatment to our patients.

Of course we need coffee to stay awake and we get to meet our friend!

Now as I am writing and recalling what happened during MIDEC. All I can remember was that we were running between lectures and visiting different exhibition booth. We were like mosquitoes hungered for knowledge from the moment we stepped into the venue until evening.

Was our trip fruitful? I must shout out loud and say “YES”!

Three days after the conference, we already met up together, to tie our brains together,to see how we can help to provide better services to our patients.

It was a long and lengthy meeting which everyone cracked our head to discuss how we can provide the best for our patients.

If you wonder what types of dentist you want to stick to. Let me tell you this, these are the dentists that you will cherish. A team that really argue and debate to see what is best for our patients.

With that, be sure to ask your dentist to share with you what did we find out during the event and be sure to ask for latest treatment available in Klinik Pergigian Fauziah.

Thank you.

With lots of love,

Dr Gwen Gan

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