5 Fun Facts About Teeth! – Dr. Tan Swee Ling


We normally would share our dental cases here, hoping to educate and to provide as much information as we possibly can, allowing our readers to identify what they perhaps see in themselves, or even spotting a similiar dental problem for their friends and family.

How about we take a break from that?

Here are 5 fun facts about teeth that you probably have no clue about!

  1. Brad Pitt voluntarily went to a dentist to have his front teeth chipped for the role of Tyler Durden in Fight Club. His teeth were fixed after he finished making the movie. – Source
  2. In Korea, wisdom teeth are called “love teeth” in reference to young adulthood and the pain of first love. – Source
  3. The Danish King Harald Blatand ate so many blueberries that his teeth stained blue. “Bluetooth” is named after him because of his ability to unite warring Scandinavian factions, just as Bluetooth unites wireless devices. The Bluetooth logo is also a combination of the King’s Runic initials. – Source
  4. Jim Carrey’s chipped tooth in Dumb and Dumber is real. He went to a dentist to remove the cap from his tooth for the movie. – Source
  5. Firefighters used to dip their beards in water and breathe through the wet hairs clenched between their teeth before breathing apparatuses were invented. – Source

Well, there you have it!
Hope that was entertaining.
Cheers to looking forward to the weekend folks!


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