Who is terrified of dentist? Raise you hand. Who has this weird thought in their mind that we, dentist, would kill you ? Raise your hand. Unfortunately, despite your fear and silly thoughts, you still need us. 🙂 and trust me, WE WILL NOT KILL YOU!

Some of you will try to avoid us as long as you can , however some circumstances won’t allow you to do that. This is the case of my beautiful patient, Kana. Kana had to come to see me for a consultation despite her fear of dentist. She is switching jobs soon and she needs a dental makeover to boost her confidence at her new work place.

Before. Kana has hypocalcified teeth with old composite filling on the upper teeth that has been discolored.

As you can see from the picture, Kana had this problem and she was very shy to smile wide in public. She had been following our Instagram page for nearly a year and decided to call us for a dental makeover, to change her smile since her new work, that is a consultation firm requires her to see more clients on a daily basis.

After the initial examination, I proposed a 5 unit composite veneer in order to achieve Kana’s dream smile. I also told her that I will polish her old composite filling on the upper left canine. She was very nervous upon hearing all this and I calmly told her that she will not have any pain during the procedure and at the end of the 2 hours she will have her dream smile ! And just like that, she agreed to my treatment plan. 🙂

Taadaa!!! Kana’s new smile!

Can you imagine Kana’s reaction when I handed her a mirror for her to see the result? She was speechless!!! In a good way I might say. A few seconds later, I could see the smile and believe me when I say this, that was her happiest smile ever! Guess, how I felt as her dentist? Well sometimes, it can be little things that makes a huge difference to a patient. It feels good to fix teeth and create their dream smile, but it feels even better to mend their spirit, faith in us dentists and get people smiling again.

So.. are you entering a new phase of your life? Or any big events happening in near future that requires you to flaunt your smile? But you hesitate to do so because you don’t have that perfect smile you always wanted? Fret not! Contact us at 03-41071590/91 or email me at My team and I, will be delightful to help you.

Much love,

Dr. Dini

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