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Today we are at an era which everyone talks about dental makeover. It is really not uncommon to see case presentation of 10 unit crowns or 20 unit crowns; that can really help to achieve perfect smile.

However, we shall never forget that there are cases which a single unit crown actually can make a lot of impact in someone smile as well. For these types of cases, patient usually has a very specific reason why they are unhappy with that particular tooth. The most common reason of such a case will be either discoloration or malposition.

In this case, Rosy has a malposed discolored upper left central incisor. It had been bothering her for some time and she actually consulted another dentist for solution. The dentist proposed a root canal treatment followed by crowns.

Upon examination, this tooth was found out to be a vital tooth (a tooth that is alive) and does not require any root canal treatment. I proposed to her to do a conservative treatment by just doing a single unit crown to solve two problems at once. I explained to her also that her teeth would not be totally aligned due to the original position of this tooth and there were some misalignment at the neighboring teeth as well. However, she could add on another crown if she really is looking for perfect alignment of her teeth in the future.

Rosy understood the situation and agreed to go with a single unit crown.

The journey was bumpy as it is never easy to do a single unit crown, but the result I must say is satisfying.

Now, nobody would stare at her crooked discolored incisors and wondered what is wrong with this pretty lady smile.

Should you wonder if there is way to improve your teeth, feel free to come for a consultation to understand what are the options available to help you with it.

If not, feel free to drop me an email at and I will be happy to assist you from there.

Thank you and have a great week ahead!

Dr Gwen Gan

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