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I’ve known Alice for many years now. She was my good friend in high school, and even after she switched schools, we still maintained a healthy friendship after all these years. Since I got back from my posting, Alice has been prodding me about her yellow teeth, but I kept putting her off as I kept on mentioning that her teeth are not yellow, and she’s merely imagining it.

Everything changed when she came on over to see me last week.

Every day, there’s something new I learn. This week’s lesson: Don’t dismiss other people’s opinion without giving them a chance to hear them out!

Before whitening.

To be totally honest, I would not have judged her teeth to be yellow. Though when I compared her natural shade to the shade guide we had, and compared it to pictures of her teeth before, it definitely looks a tad more yellow and darker.

So I got to work! All it took was a little over an hour. We only use the best whitening kit out there in the market (Zoom! Whitening), though the only side effects of it are the teeth sensitivity that lasts a few hours post treatment. Albeit manageable, the sensitivity is still a concern.

After whitening.

HUGE differences right?! And now even I could see that her teeth were indeed much yellower than she would have wanted them to be.

After managing the sensitivity, I told showed her the picture before and after whitening. She was amazed to say the least. Wouldn’t you be too?

If you or you know anyone else that has a problem with how their teeth look like, be it colour, shape, size; come and visit us! Feel free to contact me at and I’ll gladly answer any questions you may have.

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