Composite Veneer to the Rescue – Dr. Adyan

One beautiful lady came to the clinic a few days ago.

As soon as I saw her I noted how lovely she looked.

However, as she greeted me with a smile, I knew what wasn’t right with her teeth (well that’s my job, I can’t help but look at people’s teeth hehe>.<)

This lady was met with an unfortunate event of a motor-vehicle accident a long time ago which left her two front teeth fractured, and one of the tooth was non-vital (dead), turning into a very dark-coloured tooth.

This was how her teeth looked like:

Note the fracture on the two front teeth, and one teeth has a very dark shade due to being non-vital (dead)

After doing a thorough examination of her teeth, I informed her of her teeth condition and we sat down together to discuss her treatment options.

Since she had already done root canal treatment for the discoloured tooth, the best and least invasive option to improve the tooth shade is to do internal bleaching followed by fillings. I explained to her the benefits and procedures of doing internal bleaching for the tooth.

However, since she was pressed for time, she needed the two front teeth to be fixed on that same day (internal bleaching would need a few days to get the best result).

In cases like this, composite veneers can be used to mask the tooth shade in just one visit. It is not the best treatment option for this case, however it is suitable for this patient as she preferred a quick fix and is aware of all other treatment options.

We proceeded with doing a composite veneer to mask the discoloured tooth and a filling for the other tooth.

The tricky part was to sufficiently cover the dark tooth while maintaining a natural look and matching it with the adjacent teeth.

Finally, this was the result!

No more dark tooth! No more fractured tooth!

Got a problem like this? Do contact me at if you’ve got any enquiries or you can call our clinics to book your appointment 🙂

See you soon!

Lots of love,

Dr. Adyan

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