Replacing missing teeth with immediate dentures: Dr Mawarni

Mrs Z had been wanting to get a new set of dentures for quite sometime.

The main reason that stopped her from doing so for many years was because she gave financial priority to her kids’ education more than her dental needs.

Recently, she went to me requesting to have a brand new beautiful smile and a full mouth check up.

She had not been to dentist for quite a while.

Mrs Z had a generalized chronic periodontitis. A few of her teeth were really loose and not restorable.

Her existing dentures were also loose. She depended a lot on polident glue to keep them in place.

“I meet people a lot Doctor, so I could not afford to have a toothless smile while waiting for the new dentures to complete,” she told me.

“Not a problem. We have an option called immediate dentures,” I said.

“An immediate denture is an appliance where we will issue on the same day of the extraction. After the extraction, you will get your beautiful smile right away!

One disadvantage of immediate denture is, the fitting might not be as accurate as of the normal one. This is because freshly extracted sites will undergo rapid resorption for the first few weeks.

Nevertheless, rest assured that we can reline the denture to improve the fitting surface to achieve more comfort days or weeks afterwards,” I explained.

Mrs Z liked the idea of the immediate denture option and agreed with the whole treatment plan that I proposed to her. She also needed scaling and a few fillings.

Her teeth condition before the immediate denture treatment

As you can see from the before and after immediate denture treatment, Mrs Z was finally able to get her smile makeover.

Her smile obviously looks much better now =)

I am grateful for the opportunity to help not just improving her appearance but functional (chewing efficiency) as well.

I pray that all her sacrifice for her kids is going to be paid off.  Being a mum myself, I noticed that mothers are selfless creatures when it comes to our children’s future and happiness.

I also think that mothers must take care of themselves first. Love yourself then you can give more love to your family and others. A reminder to myself too. ❤🙂

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