Getting Rid of the Gap – Dr Adyan

In a lot of cases I shared, a good number of them are about gaps between upper front teeth.

The upper front teeth are more noticeable by people upon talking and smiling, therefore any defects or abnormality on the upper teeth are easily seen.

However, when we talk, the lower front teeth could also be seen. And in some cases, when we smile, the lower front teeth can be seen. So any gaps in between the lower front teeth would definitely ruin a smile.

This patient of mine was concerned of the gap between her two lower front teeth (the left central incisor and lateral incisor).

The gap is small, however it annoys her, plus it could be seen by other people when she’s talking or smiling.

Notice the gap?

After a full mouth scaling and polishing, we proceeded with two cosmetic fillings to close the gap.

It’s a simple, quick procedure and could be done in one visit; however it makes such a big change to the patient.

She loves that there’s no more gap between those two teeth.

Do you have a gap between your teeth?

Come and see us! We’d be happy to help!

If you’ve got any enquiries regarding this case or any other dental enquiries, you can contact me at

See you soon!

Lots of love,

Dr. Adyan

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