Valplast Denture to Replace Old Acrylic Denture – Dr Gwen Gan

Madam Siti had been wearing her acrylic denture since forever. It was the old traditional denture which was thick, big and fake.

At one glance, everyone could figure out that her two upper central incisors were not her original teeth

At first thought, you may think that it must be comfortable for her to not seek for another alternative.

In actual fact, she was shy about her denture and did not have the courage to show her teeth whenever she smiled. She just delayed seeking treatment as she worried that the dentist may recommend something too pricey.

When she finally came to me, she pointed out specifically about three concerns:

  1. Her original denture looked too short
  2. The plate at the palate was too thick and bulky
  3. The option shall be affordable

I listed down various treatment options and discuss with her base on the three requirements she mentioned.

The options include dental implant, dental bridge, acrylic denture and valplast denture. The discussion included how was it relevant to her and of course how much it would cost her.

Out of the four, Madam Siti liked the idea of Valplast denture as it could improve her conditions; and economically she felt comfortable about it.

During the day of issue, Madam Siti was on cloud nine. The denture fitted perfectly well, it looked natural and to her surprise, the size of this new denture was much smaller than her original denture.

The new denture looked much natural and she could smile without worry

We took some pictures to compare the two dentures and we both felt satisfied about her new teeth.

From front view. Left is the new denture and right is the old denture
Top View. Left is the old denture and right is the new denture

If you too have missing teeth and would like to know what are the tailored made options for you, feel free to contact me at

Thank you.

Dr Gwen Gan

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