Close G A P – Dr Tan Swee Ling

Have you ever wished that time will just pause at your prime age, say in your 20’s or early 30’s when age was never a factor? You had youthful skin and your body shape was at rather low-level maintenance(well, some are blessed that way). For those who are currently in this age group, enjoy it while it lasts! 😛

Now, admit it or not, our gums are also subject to ageing. If you did not take care of its health in your younger days, changes in gums due to poor hygiene & ageing will be more significant. Gums recede, resulting in exposed roots which may lead to sensitivity; Black triangles, which are spaces between teeth, may result in insecurity to smile or talk confidently.

Ms G has black triangles, which have been bothering her for the longest time. She feels insecure, unable to speak while worrying others staring at those spaces. Food always gets stuck in those spaces and it is very disturbing especially during a lunch meeting with peers.


I was so glad Ms G was very pleased with the treatment outcome. Simple treatment solution to stop food from getting stuck, bringing back confidence to her, means the world to me.
This truly made my day.

I hope this sharing could brighten up your day for those who have a similar issue. 😉

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