Slowly but surely : Dr. Dini.


What would you ask me to do if you have this kind of condition? Would you ask me to pull out the teeth? Or would you prefer me to restore it?

Meet Shahirah. She is an Indonesian maid who has been living here for the past 2 years. She will be going back home to see her family in mid- September and she wanted to surprise them (especially her husband!) with her beautiful smile.

She asked for my opinion of what treatment is suitable for these two hideous looking teeth. I told her that even it looked like it can’t be saved, I would like to restore it with composite filling instead of pulling it out.

She immediately agreed to my plan because there was no needle or injection involved. Hahahahahaha . She was totally afraid of the anaesthesia injection. She basically would agree to any treatment plan as long as there was no injection involved!

At the end of the 30 minutes of the treatment, I handed over a mirror to Shahirah to have a look at her new smile. She looked at me and looked back at the mirror and she said ,” It looked like a real tooth, without looking like a filling. Thank you so much doctor.”


” I would definitely come back to fill up the rest of my decayed teeth.” She added with a smile. Hearing this, I immediately smiled wide. I felt grateful more than happy when I heard this. Shahirah did not just overcome her fear for dental treatment , but she also trusted me to continue treating her.

As we bid our good byes, I noticed Shahirah couldn’t stop smiling.  Hope to see you soon Shahirah! 🙂


Dr. Dini (

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