The Best Accessory You Can Wear Is Your Smile – Dr Gwen Gan

Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover. This is what we were told since young.

Unfortunately, in today’s modern and competitive world, first impression does count.

Ms Wong came for a consultation last week asking for help to improve her smile.

She is a young graduate in Hospitality & Hotel Management, looking forward to blossom in this industry.  We all know that a welcoming smile is one of the key factors to be successful in her job.

However, she just can’t show her teeth when she smiles. This often gives a wrong impression to most of the people that she met.

Looking at her condition, I listed down a few proposals of how she could improve her smile. I went through the lists with her explaining to her how it is relevant in her case. I also factor in time and cost involved in each of the procedures involved.

In the end, she opted for composite veneers as this is the fastest and affordable treatment for her.

I am really happy of how her smile turned out to be.

I tried my best whole heartedly to give her the best smile that she deserved.  I hope that a brand new life is awaiting for her and she could now smile and give her best to her guests as well. I hope that the good action of mine will initiate a chain effect to create more beautiful smiles in the world.

The best accessory you can wear is your smile and I can’t agree with it more. =)

Come for a consultation if you would like to know how I can propose a tailor made proposal to improve your smile. Alternatively, you can drop me an email at or call me at 03-62063068.

Thank you and have a good week ahead!

Dr Gwen Gan

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