Mustering up the courage: Dr Nik

Scared of seeing a dentist?

Well….you’ll lose a lot you know…

If you have rotten teeth it will surely affect you, functionally as of biting and chewing and even emotionally because surveys showed that having bad teeth especially the front teeth will lower your self esteem and confidence.

And even if you are lucky and gifted with good teeth, over the years without routine check up and cleaning, calculus which is a combination of hardened plaque and bacteria will piled up. This will lead to bone loss that make your teeth becoming loose and eventually will lead to you losing your teeth.

So, if you want to change the condition of your current teeth and boost up your self esteem and confidence or you want to keep your teeth for life, do muster up your courage like this patient of mine and bring positive change to your life.

My patient’s upper front teeth before and after filling was done.

Changing his old fillings and filling up cavities after not seeing a dentist for so long because he is scared of seeing one really make a big change to him, as seen in the above before and after photos. He’s been in for three visits now to do what’s needed and will come back for one last visit to complete his dental treatment! I must say that this is a huge achievement for someone who was really scared of dentist before.

So, do muster up your courage too! Come and visit us for your dental treatment and start your journey to keep your teeth for life.

Dr Nik Roslin.

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