Old fillings to New! – Dr. Shanaz

Have you ever got a filling done before and for some reason, it discoloured after a while? Or that the filling chipped off a bit after biting on that favourite snack of yours? It’s more common than you think!

Miss K had fillings done a long time ago for her front teeth. Though she admitted that she did not really like how it looked like before, she never mentioned it to the dentist that did it years back.

When I took one look at it, I knew it could have looked 10x better if I could remove the old fillings, replaced them and spent time polishing it a bit more to give it a little more shine and some life into it :p

All it took was 45 minutes. But even after making it better, Miss K and I wasn’t as satisfied. Could you tell what I could have done to make it better?

MUCH better from before! But small adjustments could still be made.

So with a bit more polishing and recontouring, I managed to satisfy both myself and Miss K. It’s true what they say, dentistry is a whole lot of listening, patience, careful observation and determination to please.

Notice the subtle differences between the middle and the bottom picture?

Listening to patients wants and needs goes a long way in getting them to trust your skills and judgement in this job. Though at times it can be stressful and demanding, it can be really satisfying if both you and the patient appreciate the final outcome.

Come visit us at Klinik Pergigian Fauziah to transform that smile of yours. – Dr. Shanaz

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