Immediate Fix of Fractured Front Tooth – Dr Gwen Gan

It was a Tuesday morning, a gloomy day.

Most people were wearing mask as the issue with haze was continuing badly still.

I stepped into clinic at 9.30am and one of my team members ran to me panically.

“Dr. Faster! Faster! You gotta help me with this! Now!”, exclaimed team member A while pointing at the front tooth.

I looked at the tooth, part of the tooth was fractured and he looked funny with it.

At first, I just felt hilarious in such a “new”look.

Then, in my brain I start to imagine if a patient came to our clinic and first thing they saw was a dental clinic manager smiling with a fractured tooth!!!! I suddenly felt a panic attack and I felt dizzy in my head.

“Now! Now! Faster! Faster!” Now I also became panic.

It was 9.35am when I started repairing the fractured teeth, and by 9.50am he was there to welcome our first patient already. I felt so relieved!

After this panic episode, I would like to shout out loud to our followers about this:

I hope you never have to go through this.

However, if you really unfortunately are in such an awkward position, please come in ASAP and we are sure to fix it for you ASAP too!

Should you have any inquiry about fractured tooth treatment, feel free to email me at

Thank you.

Dr Gwen Gan

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