Making a difference through YOUR smile: Dr Mawarni

Razi works as a senior executive in one of the prestigious company in Kuala Lumpur.

Being a simple minded man, he actually quite comfortable with his self-image despite losing many of his front teeth due to gum problems.

His teeth became shaky and eventually need to be extracted as they interfere with his chewing.

Things changed one day when two of his staffs approached him and requested him to get treatment to replace his missing teeth.

They feel the need to improve Razi’s self-image, as he also represents the image of the leader of Malaysians. His company involves in trading and always in touch with other leaders from other countries.

The staffs’ initiative was a wake-up call for Razi to change his smile. He now realized the importance of being presentable in front of everyone.

He used to stress the importance of wearing smart attire to work. However, his staffs mocked him back by teasing about his teeth.

So, he went to me with high hopes that I could restore his handsome smile again.

Razi’s teeth before valplast denture treatment

Razi underwent gum treatments (scaling and root surface debridements), extractions and got a lower valplast denture done.

He is now more confident to speak in front of others. He was extremely happy that he got his new denture just in time before his trip to Japan.

Before his treatment, I stressed the importance of regular follow up to get his gum checked. This is to avoid premature loss of his other teeth.

He promised that he will be diligent this time as he understood it is for his own good.

I am soo happy to make a difference in Razi’s life. The impact of ones’ smile is very big.

Razi’s teeth after we restore the missing front teeth with a valplast denture
Razi’s brand new smile

A smile costs nothing but give much. It enriches those who receive without making poorer those who give. It takes a moment, but the memory of it sometimes last forever. So, smile more! 

Do email me for enquiries at I will be more than happy to help you =).

Sincerely, Dr Mawarni

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