Composite Veneer saves the Groom! – Dr. Adyan

The front teeth are perhaps the most important teeth when it comes to socializing with other people.

So when one day one of my patient broke his front tooth, it was practically a nightmare for him.

Very enthusiastic when playing sports, he accidentally fell down and broke one of his front tooth the night before. He immediately came the morning after to have it fixed.

And what was more important was, his wedding day is coming up real soon! We definitely don’t want a groom missing one front tooth, don’t we?

Barely any tooth structure left 🙁

Looking at how badly the tooth was broken, it needed a root canal treatment then followed by a crown.

However, after a discussion with him, due to the urgency and also the economy constraint, we decided to build up the tooth with a composite veneer first and he will later on continue with root canal treatment.

Hello teeth! Good to see you again!

After slightly more than an hour, we finally managed to restore the broken tooth again. Although all the other teeth appears slightly white due to dehydration during treatment, their shade will return and match the new veneer once the teeth are hydrated again with saliva.

Now he can smile wide on his big day, appearing handsome and charming with his bride in their wedding albums.

Either you’ve got a broken tooth that needs a fix, or just to have a check on your teeth, you can just call us up and book your appointment!

You can contact me at if you’ve got any questions, I’ll be happy to help!

See you soon!

Lots of love,
Dr. Adyan

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