Goodbye Old Filling – Dr. Adyan

I’m sure a lot of us have seen old fillings that don’t look so nice anymore, right?

Well for this patient of mine, he’s annoyed at the sight of his old filling. Plus, his tooth had somewhat become darker in shade, looking slightly blackish.

You can surely spot the discoloured tooth here

This is what we call a discoloured, non-vital (dead) tooth.

For this kind of tooth, we need to do a root canal treatment. To brighten the tooth shade naturally, internal bleaching can be done after the completion of root canal treatment.

Another option is to mask the discolouration with a composite veneer. Although internal bleaching will give a more natural look and is less invasive, after discussing with the patient, he decided to proceed with a composite veneer.

Within an hour, the old filling was removed and replaced with a composite veneer.

It’s definitely not perfect considering the limitations, but it sure does look a lot better!

Masking the discolouration of the dead tooth

He loved how his smile had improved, and left the clinic feeling much better about his smile.

Small changes do make a difference!

Do you have discoloured tooth or old fillings like this?

Call us up to book your appointment so that we can help you!

You can contact me at for any enquiries, I’d love to hear from you.

See you soon!

Lots of love,
Dr. Adyan

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