A smile that empower Ija to be her true self: Dr Mawarni

Ija came in with the intention to correct the unevenness of her front tooth.

The tooth’s condition really bothers her to the point that she avoided talking with people. It really affects her self-image and confidence.

The turning point was when a friend of hers, pointed out to her that she was worried the tooth might fall off soon if she does not do anything about it.

She was really embarrassed of that incident and decided that she must do something about it.

Ija’s photos before treatment. She was unhappy with the jutting out tooth.

She had a fall when she was much younger. The tooth broke into half and was root treated and crowned. After sometime, the tooth became out of alignment with the rest of the front teeth.

Ija knew about the implant and conventional bridge option. She however, want a non-surgical treatment to replace the mal-aligned tooth.

She also want an option that does not require cutting of the adjacent tooth structure like the conventional fixed-fixed bridge.

I proposed her to do the Maryland bridge or Fiber-reinforced composite bridge. Prior to this bridge treatment, she needed to wear an immediate denture so that she will have a tooth immediately replaced on the same day of the extraction.

She decided to proceed with the immediate denture treatment followed by the fibre reinforced composite bridge one week after the extraction date.

After wearing the immediate denture for 3 days, she could not tolerate to wear the removable denture anymore and request to do the bridge as soon as possible.

So, she made an appointment with me on the 5th day post extraction. Ija wanted to get her tooth fixed right away.

After about 2 hours, she got her new smile!

Ija’s photos after fiber reinforced bridge was done to replace the extracted incisor. My main challenge was to get back the ideal shape and color of the tooth. I think I did a good job though. Don’t you think so? ;P

She came to me recently for minor adjustments and said she was really happy with her brand new smile!

Ija now is more confident to talk to others. I am so glad I managed to deliver her expectations and made her able to be her true self.

Congratulations Ija for taking the bold actions in changing your life! Life is too short to be depressed. Keep smiling and be happy ;D!

Email me at mawarni@story.drfauziah.com for dental enquiries =)

Sincerely, Dr. Mawarni

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