Hasna bid farewell to her denture: Dr Mawarni

One fine day, I had met this regular patient of mine, Hasna.
She went for 4 months regular check-up with me.

After looking at his old denture, I suddenly had the urge to ask whether she was comfortable wearing that denture as it looked loose on her.

She told me she had no choice but to wear it as it served to replace her 2 missing upper central incisors. She had done a few new ones, but those new ones did not fit her well. So, she continued to wear that old denture.
The above are photos of Hasna before the FRC bridge treatment

She complained that it was loose. Sometimes it even dislodged whilst she was chewing. However, she was able to put the denture back with her tongue without other people noticing. 


 That did not stop her from looking for a better option to solve her problem.

Just in time, I proposed to her to replace the denture with a fixed yet affordable option, which was a fibre-reinforced composite (FRC) bridge.

Without hesitation, she agreed to do the FRC bridge. Since she could not open her mouth for too long, I suggested her to split the visit into 2 visits.

On that visit, I prepare the adjacent teeth and took the impression of her teeth. I worked on the model halfway and did the final touch up inside the mouth on her 2nd visit.

With this strategy, I managed to reduce a lot of chairside time for her. Therefore, contribute to more convenience for both parties. It was a win-win situation. =)

Hasna was really happy with the end result. After so many years of wearing a removable denture, she finally gets to feel the blessing of eating and talking without the presence of ‘foreign body’ moving inside the mouth.

Hasna’s smiles after FRC treatment

Do you have the same problem as Hasna? If you are someone who is a denture wearer for very long, would you like to try this affordable option a try? I strongly feel you should!

Email me for more enquiries about this at mawarni@story.drfauziah.com. I would be more than pleased to entertain your needs.

With love,
Dr Mawarni

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2 years ago

What is the cost for frc bridge..?