Teeth Whitening with Zoom! – Dr. Shanaz

Holiday season is coming up! What better way to start the year fresh than with a new outlook on life… and possibly a fresh new smile?

Meet Nora, she’s been wanting to get her teeth whitened for the longest time. All she needed was just 1 hour, and her smile would be transformed shining brightly with confidence.

Shade was matching done prior to the whitening and scaling as we need to determine the actual current shade and colour of your teeth before the procedure. After all, proof is from the before and after pictures! Am I right?

After we’ve got the match of the current shade, we were ready to start!

Zoom! Whitening comes in 4 whole cycles, each cycle lasting 15 minutes. After each cycle, we reapply the whitening gel for it to be catalysed and activated by the blue LED light for the real magic to work.

All it took was just 1 hour, and viola.. Whiter teeth!

As you can tell, Nora was ecstatic! She couldn’t believe how much has changed over just one hour of treatment.. Best part of it all, it was completely painless (only slightly sensitive) and effects are immediate.

To reinforce the power of Zoom!, I compiled both pictures and placed it on top of each other to show her the comparison of before and after.

So what are you waiting for? Come get your teeth whitened the most effective and fastest way possible with our Zoom! Whitening kits. In just one hour, you can whiter teeth like Nora!

Feel free to drop me an email (shanaz@story.drfauziah.com) if you have any questions, or if you’d like to make an appointment. – Dr. Shanaz

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