“What do you do as a living?” I always get this question when I meet new people. “I’m a dentist”. That would be my usual reply. The response I get usually is “Wow!”, (not sure if this a good WOW or a bad WOW, 🙂 or ” I don’t like dentist!” . My reaction to this ? I would normally smile and change the topic of conversation.

I do understand why though. When you mention the word DENTIST, or DENTAL CLINIC, few things would pop up in your mind… NEEDLE, INJECTION, PAIN, SENSITIVITY and more. Being afraid of the dentist may mean different things to different people. It will probably help if you work out just what is it that worries you most. Maybe the sound and smell brings back memories of a bad experience as a child, or make you think that the treatment will hurt. The good news is that we dentists now, understand the patients’ fears. We realise that kindness and being gentle can do a lot to make dental treatment acceptable and believe or not, comfortable.

Most of you would know about what we do generally. Yup.. scaling, fillings or extracting teeth is synonymous with our work. However, we are also able to save your day! How? Say, if you have a crack or broken front tooth, who would first come to your mind ? Us, dentist , right?

Below are few cases of patients that I helped bring back their beautiful smile and yeah..I sort of rescued them from having a bad day ! 🙂

Hariz, a 7 years old boy broke his front tooth while playing with his siblings at home.
He was all smiling when I completed the treatment. “Wow! I look handsome now.” He said.. Cheeky boy 🙂
Case 2 : Eric said his tooth chipped off while he was chewing bread! Isn’t that some sort of horror story?
Taaadaa!!!! In less than 30 minutes, I managed to build up Eric’s tooth with composite resin.
Case 3 : Fadli did veneers a few years back and one of it broke just after he finished his meeting. He rushed to see us and requested for a quick fix.
I built up the tooth with composite veneer, although he agreed with me that the best treatment is to do a crown. I’ll see you soon Fadli!

So, what do you think? We are not only helping you maintain good oral hygiene, we also craft beautiful smiles and yes….we can rescue you from having a bad day by flaunting that beautiful smile! Honestly, the world needs more smiling faces from us.

Have a good day everyone.


Dr. Dini (

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