Mending a ‘broken’ smile: Dr Mawarni

Faisal recently came a few times for general dental treatment. Fortunately, the general dental treatments’ cost was covered by his company.

He had a fall during his school days whilst playing football. As a result, his protruded front tooth broke into half.

He got quick fix to fill that tooth so many times. However, he never got it root treated as it was never painful.

Unfortunately, his company did not cover for root canal treatment (RCT). Due to some financial issues, he had to postpone it to a later date.

I had warned him about the possibility of pain coming from the tooth if it was left untreated.

My prediction was right. He came unwillingly one day because the infected tooth had caused him severe pain for 2 nights.

He expressed his regret as that was the most painful experience that he ever had in his lifetime.

After completing the first stage of RCT, he was scheduled for another visit soon.

Meanwhile, he accidentally broke the tooth again whilst playing dumbbell in the gym recently.

He was depressed as he thought that was the end of the tooth’s life.

Faisal was very panic & depressed when his tooth fractured again after being hit by a dumbbell.
He was forced to smile by me in this photo.

“I think this time around, my tooth will be gone. There is nothing left. I am ready for its removal,” he expressed with great disappointment.

As I examined carefully, I think the tooth was worth saving. Saving a tooth is our utmost priority. Tooth removal will be the last resort.

As he came without an appointment, I had to pause his treatment in between patients.

I knew I need to complete his treatment on the same day as he could not afford to face people with his front tooth missing.

A fibre post was cemented to retain the composite build-up. Some part of the gum appeared to be dark due to effect of laser cutting. The gum will turn to normal colour within 1-2 days.

I completed his RCT followed by the build-up of the tooth with a fibre post as retention.

Confidence regained after the treatment. Look at this genuine smile!

He was ecstatic with his new smile!

“Thanks so much, Doctor. It’s really worth my time waiting for the treatment the whole day,” he said.

One of our roles as dentists is to give hopes to you.

Many studies have shown that a smile can release endorphins and serotonin, and they are your happy hormones.

So, smile despite what you are going through.

If you for whatever reason is unable to smile as usual, please do not hesitate to come as we have solutions to your unique situations.

Do email me at for any dental inquiry. I would love to hear and respond to you.

With Loads of Love,
Dr. Mawarni

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