Closing the Gaps – Dr. Shanaz

Vina came with just one chief complaint.. “Close my gaps, doctor!” I took one look at the her teeth and the first thought I had was that she such beautiful white teeth!

Beautiful white teeth!

Yes the gaps were obvious, but easily closed with some composite veneers. Though with the amount of gaps present, closing the diastemas (gaps between teeth) would require to make the teeth look extra large..

After making sure Vina was okay with it, I went to work!

I proposed Vina to get composite veneers for her front 6 teeth, but due to budget constraints, she went with only 4. Plus I had only 1 hour for the whole process. So I did the best I could with what was given.

And before you know it.. TADAA. A brand new smile!

That natural look is important to ensure patients can associate well with their new smile.

Vina was beaming. She couldn’t believe that she now had no gaps on her upper front teeth. She nearly burst out in tears.

As I explained before, the teeth might look very large now, but she’ll get used to it. Precautions were given to her not to bite anything hard like bones or shells on her front teeth, as Composite Veneers are still restorations that can fracture with enough force. Other than that, she would be able to eat normally.

I saw Vina 2 weeks later for a review, and she was so happy with her new smile. No problems whatsoever!

Stable shades!

A little more polishing and some touch up here and there, then she was good to go!

Hope to see you again, Vina. Till then, smile wide and bright. – Dr. Shanaz

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