You do treatment, you win: Dr Mawarni

Manaf emailed me recently. He was inquiring about the treatment options to replace missing teeth. He read through our previous blogs one by one.

He finally found the case that was almost similar with his teeth.

He was surprised to get an immediate reply from me as he did not expect to be entertained that fast.

After feeling satisfied with my explanation, he made appointment right away for fibre-reinforced composite bridge to replace his missing 2 central incisors.

Manaf’s missing teeth before treatment

Manaf was super-duper busy at work. So, he requested the treatment to be completed on the same day. It was very hard for him to slot a time for dental treatment.

Manaf’s smile with his old denture. Note the obvious difference in the colour

He had lost that 2 teeth when he was 14. If I was not mistaken, the 2 front teeth were broken after a sports injury. He only wore removable denture to replace the missing teeth ever since then.

Initially, he was nervous with the whole procedure. He could not even lie down properly due to the anxiety.

After I reassured him that the procedure is painless and he experienced it himself, he became a lot calmer.

I reminded him to come back for scaling and other dental treatment as I bid him farewell.

Manaf’s smile after fiber-reinforced composite treatment

Can you imagine, after about 4 decades of wearing removable denture, Manaf can finally keep his denture aside and enjoy the blessing of having false teeth which is fixed.

He doesn’t have to worry that the denture might come out when he is eating or chewing.

He also expressed his satisfaction. This testimony had made my day!

I am glad that he finally took the brave action to change his smile. He managed to overcome his dental fear and anxiety too!

You do treatment, you win! Congratulations!

Email me for more inquiry at I promise, you will get an immediate respond. 😉

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