It’s time to redo the fillings: Dr Nik

It was fillings done so many years back.

It had stayed in its’ place and fulfilled its’ purpose without giving any problem until now. Pain? No, there’s no pain at all ever since the day the fillings were done. So, what is the problem?

Ahhaa…the fillings were discoloured and I’m sure most people will easily spot the fillings. Did you manage to spot them?

It’s the one at the center upper teeth. It had become more obvious that this patient can’t wait any longer and searched for a clinic to redo the fillings. She came across our website and was instantly convinced to have it done in our clinic.

She came in prepared for veneer treatment but what she needed was only composite fillings to replace the discoloured one.

It was a simple procedure. I drilled or removed out the old fillings and prepared the teeth to accept new filling material. Sculpting or shaping the fillings was the next step. Lastly the newly placed fillings were polished to perfection.

Now, this looks way better than before right?

If you have composite fillings or tooth coloured fillings material that has become discoloured like this patient of mine , do come in to one of our clinics and we will be glad to help you replace it beautifully with new filling material.

If you have any inquiry, do email me at

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