Whiter, brighter teeth: Dr Nik

New year is just round the corner and I’m sure many of us has invitation to new year’s party. I bet you will be busy getting yourself prepared. Buying new clothes, new shoes and getting your hair done is some of the common things that involve in the preparation!

For a change this time , may I suggest adding getting a brighter and whiter teeth as one of the things to do as well?

It’s easy….you can either do a Zoom! professional whitening treatment or you can do composite veneer treatment to get whiter teeth. Both treatment are a one visit treatment.

So, how white can your teeth be after the treatment? For Zoom! professional whitening treatment you can get up to 8 shades lighter (results varies individually) where as for composite veneer treatment , patient can choose the degree of white or bright that they want. We have few white composite material for you to choose from.

Recently this patient of mine opt for composite veneer treatment to get her desired whiter teeth and after a 2 hour treatment, she left our clinic with dazzling whiter brighter teeth.

It does dazzle, doesn’t it?

So, why not coming in for a treatment and get yourself a whiter teeth for new year too? Whatever treatment that you choose, I’m sure you will be able to smile and dazzle your guests or your host with your new brighter and whiter teeth.


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4 years ago

Can I know your average range for whitening treatment? Thanks.