The Not-so-pretty Fluorosis – Dr. Adyan

I’m sure a lot of people have seen something like this:

A white-brownish spot on the surface of the tooth that was there since the day the tooth erupted into place, and no matter what you do, it just doesn’t go away. And it doesn’t look so pretty too!

This is what we call ‘fluorosis’. It’s a cosmetic condition of the teeth and it’s not a disease. In most cases, the effect is subtle and only a dentist would notice it. Some people have just barely visible white spots, some people can have severe fluorosis where there’s extensive brown discoloured enamel (outer surface of teeth), and some people have moderate fluorosis which is something in between the two.

This patient of mine had moderate fluorosis and it had affected her smile. She doesn’t feel that her smile is beautiful because of the two front teeth that had those white and brown stains since she was a kid.

In addition to that, her teeth are not of the same length and slightly crooked with a gap in between.

We discussed with her the treatment options for her two front teeth and finally decided to go with composite veneers.


We used composite veneers to cover the fluorosis stains, make the length of the two front teeth even, and closed up the small space between those two teeth!

Although the other teeth were a bit dehydrated and appeared white during the procedure, they’ll return to their original shade after 24 hours and match the beautiful composite veneers.

She was thrilled to see how her smile had changed with just fixing the two front teeth. She was still smiling shyly after we finished the composite veneers, but I loved seeing how her smile had changed so beautifully after that.

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See you soon!

Lots of love,

Dr. Adyan

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