What Dentures Can Do – Dr. Adyan

One patient of mine came in requesting for a denture because he can’t eat properly. He is an elderly, and as soon as I talked with him I could see why he needed the denture.

All of his upper teeth were extracted previously except for that one front tooth that he still uses for chewing his food. All his back teeth on the lower side were also previously taken out and the ones left were too loose to be used for any chewing.

Usually, prior to making a denture, we would extract all of the teeth that couldn’t be saved first. But this patient requested not to extract that one front tooth because that’s the only tooth left that could be used for chewing.

We discussed on his treatment options and agreed to go with immediate dentures. So we proceeded with all the denture-making stages as usual but left that one upper tooth untouched.

On the day the dentures were completed and ready to be issued, we extracted the upper tooth and immediately placed the denture in.

The patient was super happy because he could now have multiple teeth to eat with instead of just one tooth, and he didn’t have to lose that tooth prior to making a denture as it was extracted on the day he got his denture.

Although he could do only the upper denture due to the economy constraints, he’s determined to come back to do his lower denture soon. At least for now he’s happy that he could smile wide and show his new set of teeth, and most importantly he can eat more variety of food!

Immediate dentures need to be relined after a while due to the gum shrinking after extraction of teeth but it’s just a small adjustment and my patient was more than happy to accept that.

Do come for a consultation to see if you’re suitable for an immediate denture or you can write to me at adyan@story.drfauziah.com for any queries.

See you soon!

Lots of love,

Dr. Adyan

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