Never retire from smiling: Dr Mawarni

Azman is a retired aerospace engineering lecturer. He went to see me recently to improve his smile as he was invited by his friends to do part-time teaching at a college university.

He mentioned something that lingers in my head until today, “Even though I am a retired man now, it doesn’t mean I have to retire from smiling too right?”

You are definitely right Azman! I agree with you 100%. No matter what stage of life we are in, never stop smiling. Smiling is a curve on your face that sets everything straight in life =).

I like when he already had the positive mindset towards the importance of smiling. He also mentioned that he needed total improvement of his teeth for better digestion so that he gets to live longer, enjoy good food and serve his family.

There are several things that he did not like about his smile and wanted changes.

1) He was unhappy with his denture wear. He had been wearing the same denture for 10 years. So, of course there will be wear and tear effects of the denture and staining.
2) He disliked the difference in colour of his bridge and his natural teeth. The lower bridge was also loose.
3) He was also concern to make the lower teeth more even, gapless and uniform in shape.

The above photos are Azman’s teeth condition before any treatment was done.

At the same time, he wished not to extract any of the lower teeth if possible.
After taking into accounts all of his complaints and requests, I came out with a treatment plan for us to discuss together.

He agreed to;
1) Do the basic fillings and extractions of the hopeless teeth.
2) Redo the root canal treatments of the infected teeth.
3) Make a new valplast type denture for the upper
4) Fibre-reinforced bridge (2 sets of 3 unit bridge for the lower front teeth)- the reason I came out with this idea was because the longevity of the bridge will be questionable if I proceed with the fixed-fixed bridge type.

In planning, we also take into account your financial budget and expectations as well. My responsibility is to help you make informed decisions and work for your best interests.

Finally, after several visits to complete all his treatments, Azman got his dream smile. I was so glad that I could help him not to retire from smiling!

The above photos are Azman’s teeth after completing all his planned treatments. Too bad I forgot to take the actual before and after smile photos without retracting his lips.

I salute Azman for his bravery to change his condition to a better state. It is such an empowering act. When you change your physical body or environment, you will get to achieve better things in life too!

What about you? Have you thought about what stops you from doing what you love to do? What can you do about it?

If you have trouble chewing or smiling or even avoid talking because of bad breath, then seeing a dentist is most probably the best thing that you can do for yourself.

Since today is the last day of 2019, I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very HAPPY 2020! Let’s start this new decade with a fresh start and hope everyone can be the best version of oneself next year! ~~

Do share with me your thoughts or suggestions by emailing at =)

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